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Robert Green        Electrical Engineer

Objective 1.     Continue my Engineering Career in a high pressure, exciting environment.


Experience July, 2012 – Present                                         PHS/MWA Aviation Services


Electronic Engineer

Responsible for all the electronic needs of PHS/MWA. Only Electronic Engineer on staff.

  • Designed and build several test stands to repair actuators, servovalves, chillers and other smaller test fixtures for unique equipment. Used Labview to develop test programs for the computer based test stands.
  • Designed a servo controller board with an LVDT conditioning circuit.
  • Designed a regulator for a 200V, 400Hz generator.
  • Setup a electronic lab to repair pc boards for various units. Hired and trained several technicians.


For the above projects I used the following tools:

·         Altium for board layout and generation of CAD files for 3D modeling.

·         MPLAB and C compiler to implement C code in the above embedded processor projects.

·         Labview professional version with PID toolkit.



October, 2011 – July, 2012                             SUREFIRE, LLC


Design Engineer

Design high power LED flashlights using embedded processors for control.

  • Developed a flashlight for the Swiss Army. Designed the power electronics, designed the PC boards and programmed the PIC microcontroller.
  • Developed a high power, 600 lumens flashlight. Used hall effect sensors to change power levels.
  • Inherited a green laser pointer. Debugged and relayed out the pc board.
  • Currently working on an led site assembly for hand guns.


For the above projects I used the following tools:

·         Altium for board layout and generation of CAD files for 3D modeling.

·         SolidWorks to verify PC board fit and function.

·         MPLAB and C compiler to implement C code in the above embedded processor projects.

November, 2009 – October, 2011             NEXUS BIOSYSTEMS


Design Engineer

Design new technology monitor systems for -80°C refrigeration biostores.

  • Designed a complex temperature, pressure, current sensor system to monitor refrigeration systems. Used a PIC microcontroller as the main processor. Communicated with central computer using TCP Ethernet protocol.
  • Designed a PLC based monitor system. Using latter logic and off the shelf components to design a -20°C alarm monitor system.
  • Designed an oxygen safety system for our systems that use nitrogen to dry the refrigeration systems. For this system I used off the shelf “DIN” mount safety relays, safety comparators, “LED” lights and audible alarms.
  • For all the systems above that needed interface and main pc boards, I used Altium and Orcad to create schematics and board layouts.
  • For all the systems above, I used the Microchip C compiler and wrote all routines in C.
  • Currently designing a servo control module. Currently designing a module using Megellen IC’s from PMC. Also investigating a DSP solution, which would require more development time(code development).
  • Designed a refrigeration control circuit using a microprocessor and triac’s to implement an AC variable speed drive for fans, on/off control of compressor.


January, 2008 – November, 2009           DIGITAL FORCE TECHNOLOGIES

San Diego, California


Design Engineer

Design engineer brought in to design 2 systems for the Military Special Forces.

·         Designed a satellite phone system using a GSM, Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya satellite modems.

  • Designed a quad uart serial server using a TI quad uart and PIC microcontroller for control flow control.
  • Designed a PoE system to power modems and serial server over an Ethernet wire.
  • Designed a wireless IP camera system. This system uses Videology and Airborne modules to digitize analog video into Ethernet packets.
  • Performed all schematic and layout of pc boards using Altium.
  • Wrote all microcontroller routines using C.
  • Designed a GPS tracking device.





November, 2006 – January, 2008       INTELLEGENT TECHNOLOGIES

San Diego, California


Associate Engineer

Design engineer working on Lithium Ion chargers and battery protection circuits. Multi-Pocket charger units.

  • Wrote several “Assembly” embedded routines for automated testing of the charger and battery protection products.
  • Wrote several “C” embedded routines for automated testing of the charger and battery protection products.
  • Manufacturing Engineering support.
  • Debug and repair defective product code in 2 current products.
  • Have performed “some” product engineering roles. This involved complete product release to production. Design and Development testing, complete documentation package.
  • Supervise and train Engineering Technicians.


June,2005 – November,2006     KINDER SCIENTIFIC

Poway, California


Design Engineer

Design engineer working on animal testing equipment. Their products use Infrared led’s to track animal movements.


·         Designed a timer control circuit, using a PIC microcontroller.

  • Redesigned a movement tracker using IR LED’s.
  • Converted old designs to surface mount parts. So, a pick and place machine can assemble boards.
  • Extensive experience designing PC boards. Using Or-Cad Layout and schematic capture.
  • Production support. Troubleshooting products and training technicians.


2001 – 2005               WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC


Woods Hole, Ma


Electrical Engineer II

Technical support for Alvin, the deep submersible. Provide support on various systems associated with the sub and design new products when needed.


§  Designed an acoustic controlled directed elevator.

§  Designed a visual light frequency LED communications link, for the deep ocean.

§  Designed a data logger, with LCD display.

§  Designed an underwater full-duplex radio link.

§  Designed a wireless one watt, video camera to an agile broadcast channel transmitter.

§  Designed a 26V, microprocessor controlled UPS for Alvin’s computers.

§  Written several PIC micro controller programs to control and monitor electrical systems. ( high pressure transducers, IIC, RS232, A/D converters, LCD, LED’s, synthesizers, RF modules, servo’s and DC and stepper motors)

§  For the above projects I used Or-Cad tools to draw the schematic, and Or-Cad to layout the PC boards. Testing of prototypes, and documentation.







1997 – 2001                   OLSON TECHNOLOGY            Sierra Village, Ca

RF Engineer

§  Product development, from idea to production. Responsible for designing, debugging, documentation and the testing necessary to produce a quality product. We currently manufacture these products:

a.     CATV modulators

b.    Aircraft entertainment systems (video and audio modulators)

c.     T-Channel converter

d.    Return Band Modulators and Demodulators

e.     Optical receivers and transmitters

§  I have written several HP-VEE test programs to automate our testing procedures.

§  Familiar with VCO’s, PLL’s, Mixers, Synthesizers, push-pull amplifiers, tuners, optical transmitters, photo-detectors, passive and active filters and microcontrollers.

§  Familiar with HP spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, VM700 video analyzer and other test equipment necessary to characterize product.

§  Familiar with microcontrollers. I have written programs that will:

a.     Communicate via IIC

b.    Communicate via 3-wire

c.     Parallel to serial communications

d.    LCD driver control

e.     LED driver control

f.     EEPROM read and write

g.    Complex math routines

§  Graduated from UOP with a Digital background.

§  Experience with Power PCB (PC Board Design Tool), extensive experience with OrCAD , Eagle Genesis, Spice and other RF tool programs.



  1987-1998                     AUDIO VIDEOTECHS                    Stockton, Ca

Owner, Operator of Electronic repair business

§  Repair of consumer electronics. VCR’s, TV’s, Camcorders, stereo’s, etc..

§  Managed 3 employee’s. Trained several Technicians.

§  Sold and installed C band Satellites.

§  Attended UOP full time during the last 5 years of business.


  1984-1987                     Modesto Television                        Modesto, Ca

Electronic Technician

§  Repair of consumer electronics.


  1980-1984                     Haendiges Electronics.                     Whittier, Ca

Electronic Technician

§  Repair of consumer electronics. Specialized in audio equipment.

§  Worked on commission.





1993-1998                     University of the Pacific                 Stockton, Ca

§  B.S.E.E.   G.P.A. 3.15

§  Senior Project. I designed and built a remote video car. You could drive the car while looking at your TV. I used a PIC microcontroller to generate a parallel to serial data signal. The receiver used a PIC to convert back to parallel data.


Interests Family, electronics, computers, golf. Cub Scout Den leader. Assistant baseball coach. Hobby electronic projects include:

1.     A remote control transmitter, receiver. Wide band selectable, or agile, 200 to 900 MHz at 1 Watt. Not FCC approved. This transmitter controls a RC car.

2.     Designing Web Sites with Forums.

3.     Writing PIC programs.


Military                     USMC



1976-1980                         United States Marine Corps                     USA

Avionics Technician. Responsible for Depot level repair of I.F.F.’s, VOR’s and other navigational equipment.