Other Projects

I am going to share a few of the projects I’ve worked on over the years. In no special order:



Didn’t capture the detail I would have liked. The boards on the left side are the boards I inherited. I started to shrink down to 1 board for the final revision. There is a lot more to a flashlight than I ever thought. These flashlights have micro controllers. This flashlight is extremely bright. 2000 lumens!


The above board is a refrigeration controller. It monitors different temperature in the system and makes the necessary adjustments. Turn on/off compressor, fans. I also used TCPIP to communicate with the outside world to determine the health of the refrigeration unit.


This board is a wireless camera. I used a modulation I.C. to convert the video signal to a broadcast TV channel. These I.C. went obsolete with the intro of the digital TV age. Worked really well. Should have bought a ton of those chips before they became obsolete.